Primary and Secondary


Stainless steel scrap

Pieces or whole vessels, cuttings, cutlery, turnings, slacks, shredder scrap, sheets, tubes, heat exchangers and many other types of stainless steel scrap. Oversized vessels or constructions from plants. Production residues, food production machines, armature, vessels from chemical production, paper production and over 400 types of industrial segments.

Nickel-chrome-molybdenum-vanadium-titanium containing alloys. Copper-nickel-Zink alloys, Melchior, alpaca, perm alloy, canthal, Inconel, Ferro- nickel battery plates from Fe-Ni cadmium batteries. Anodes, electrodes, armor steels, instrumental steels, Ferro-nickel in block.


Aluminium foil

We buy Aluminium foil /Aluminium foil/ – production residue from yoghurt etiquettes or yoghurt production and from the pharmaceutical industry - foil for the blisters. The aluminum foil should not be cached, i.e. covered with any plastic or paper film.


Aluminium jar lids

Aluminium jar lids – clean lids from jars, type "Omnia", without any impurities.


Aluminium cans from non-alcoholic beverages and beer UBC /Used Beverage Cans/

Cans from soda and other non alcoholic drinks or beer, clean and empty. There should not be any iron cans or other iron impurities. In case the beverage cans are new, or NBC /New Beverage Cans/, defective for production, than they hold higher price.


Stainless steel turnings

We buy stainless steel turnings with minimum content of 8% Nickel in bulk or in big bags, non-baled.


Stainless steel cuttings

We buy stainless steel cuttings. Size of the sheet cut is 2m x 0.5m x 0.50 m.

We buy used machinery and equipment from stainless steel and one that is depreciated equipment.



We buy nickel from plastines, engines, CD production, hard drive production, Nickel anodes, knifes, etc.


Instrumental steel

We buy hard steels, and Cobalt, Vanadium, Wolfram containing alloys.


Stainless steel scrap

Pieces, parts of vessels, heat exchangers, tubes, sheets, rods, industrial armature, shibbers, plates, cisterns, cutlery, bars, band, industrial nets, stopcocks, gate valves, shutters, fittings, etc.

Types AISI 304, 321, 310, 347, 301, 316, 316 L, etc.


Instrumental steels:

We buy the following types of instrumental steels:

М2-Cr4Mo5W6V2; M7-Cr4Mo8W1.6V2; M42-Cr4Mo9W1.6V1.2

Or more in common: HSS- Mo4-5W5-6V1.5-2Cr3-4

Alloys "new silver”: Cu60Zn20Ni17; Cu60Zn22Ni14 /without Sn/.

Monel: Cu60Ni40 /rest Fe/.

Alloys: Ni18-70Cr16-24 /rest Fe/.


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